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This special 88-minute video is arguably
"The best Free Throw video ever made!"

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NEW:  YouTube video of Swish 3 "Sampler" – 12:40 min's long

Quote from Gary Colson, legendary coach at
Pepperdine, New Mexico and Fresno State
(and long-time assistant to Jerry West at Memphis):
"Congratulations to Tom! Swish 3 is a 'Masterpiece,' and
I feel he's one of the best shooting coaches in the world!"

Swish 3 Testimonials
Revised Swish 3 Press Release!

                                           Three Reviews of Swish 3 from primarily Library & School Resources:
                                                                     Great Review by Midwest Books
Review from VIDEO Librarian
                                                              New review from the Library Journal

Steph Curry!
(Please note this is the way Steph shoots, exactly, and it corresponds to what Tom teaches!
Tom & Steph have met but not worked together yet.)

New YouTube video clip of Steph shooting in slow motion!
My good friend from Indianapolis, Rex Harris, just recently sent me this remarkable video clip of Steph Curry shooting in slow motion.  It's the best take on Steph's form we've yet seen, and is exactly what we've been preaching and demonstrating for 25 years:  Curry slow motion

Article on Curry's shooting form from 2013 after his 54 point performance (Tom is mentioned on Pg 2, under photo)!
Syndicated sports writer Scott Ostler of the S.F. Chronicle is a big fan of Tom's.  Tom has often said that Steph could be the "Poster Child" for the Swish method though the two have never worked together.  Scott asked Tom to summarize what Steph is doing as he sees things most people miss, and here is the result:  Curry Article

Would you like to become the best shooter on your team?  Are you looking for a more effective way to coach shooting?

You're not alone! Shooting a basketball is a lost art! Shooting percentages have been declining for over 40 years! Players at all levels miss free throws and open jumpers to lose games! Major NBA stars are embarrassed at the Free Throw Line! You see top college teams shooting under 50% Free Throws at times, and team percentages in the high 50's and low 60's are quite common.  International players can shoot better from outside and from the Line. Something's not working!  

Dedicated to Learning and Coaching "Pure" Basketball Shooting!
  • Players don't know what to practice
  • Coaches often don't know how to coach shooting
  • Coaching just the "Fundamentals" (how to stand, how to hold the ball, where the elbow should point, etc.) isn't enough!
Swish answers the "Mystery" of Shooting!
NOT THE USUAL APPROACH:  Tom takes the mystery out of shooting a basketball.  Swish is different from just about every other shooting method out there.  It's not about Squaring Up," or "Flipping your wrist."  It's definitely not about having the shooting elbow under the ball.  Those instructions and others are what Tom calls "The Myths of Shooting."  What he coaches works and makes sense.  Players learn quickly how  to control the "Flight of a Ball!"  He breaks down the shot into simple, easily-learned pieces and then shows how to put it back together.  He teaches self awareness and self-coaching, and teaches coaches how to guide their players into this powerful and simple approach, the way of the great shooters!

The following clips show three young women practicing the Swish Free Throw!
These clips are in Swish 3.  They are also on the Shooting Gallery Page.  They show the extraordinary basketball shooting possible with the Swish approach:

More Mechanical than Mysterious!
Read what an Indiana coach said when asked to describe Tom's approach to shooting:  Terry Tucker's article.  Terry's point is that learning to shoot a basketball is much simpler than people think.  The answer is mostly physical ("mechanical") and not so psychological or "mysterious."  You don't need a better attitude, more "confidence," or a better "Pre-Shot routine."  You need a physical technique that is both simple and works, one that's based on sound principles of minimizing variables, shooting more from big muscles and less with more unreliable smaller muscles (like those of the wrist, hand and fingers), a way to be accurate, and an easy way to control distance.  Tom's been given an amazing "gift" to see shooting like few have ever seen it.  Once you experience what he's talking about, you will become a convert, too, because it's based on reality.  It can be learned quickly and, get this, it explains how the best shooters in the game have always shot.
"Johnny Appleseed" of the Jump Shot!
Scott Ostler, a syndicated sports writer with the San Francisco Chronicle, attended a Coaches' Training of Tom's and wrote an article calling him, "The Johnny Appleseed of the Jump Shot, spreading his simple gift to the world, even if the world isn't always ready to receive."  That describes it well ... planting the seeds of great shooting in game of basketball.  Read Scott's whole article:  Jedi of the jumper could teach LeBron

25 Articles on the website
See these 25 articles Tom wrote on shooting and the Swish approach for eZine Articles.

Great for a young player or coach anytime!
Coaches, get the Swish videos for your kids (or your coach friends). It will become something they'll want to watch over and over. Finally they will have a Method that is both simple and practical (they will see they can do it). Anyone can learn the simple stuff these videos talk about and demonstrate. Now when they go to a basketball court to practice, unlike their buddies who don't seem to get much better, they'll improve quite quickly. Soon their friends will be asking them what they did to shoot so well, and your kids can be generous and tell them about the Swish videos.

New Personal Basketball Coaching Service – "Pure Shooting" in Weeks!
Tom is now offering a remote coaching service for just $97 that utilizes video and email.  It will get you on a strong path toward excellent shooting in just a matter of weeks, not months or years.  And it can be taken on during a season because it's very simple and based on the player's awareness and self coaching, not just a bunch of rules.  Tom has a remarkable eye and can quickly spot the flaws in a shot and see what's needed to correct them. 
After ordering, you will go through a process of identifying and defining "How you shoot now" and then study the video.  Then after working with the Swish videos a bit, you create and send him a video clip and it starts a two-cycle coaching program.  Tom views the video and sends email coaching back, then the player works with the suggestions and the Swish videos for awhile and then makes a second video to send to Tom (a "Before" and "After" approach).  A second reply of coaching instruction is triggered to discuss changes Tom sees and any final comments and coaching.  This two-cycle approach will generally be enough, with Tom emphasizing the awareness and self-coaching the player(s) can do from that point on.  If a third cycle is requested, it's an additional $50.  See "Coaching" page for more details.

Digital eBook available –  How to Coach the Swish Way!
Tom has now made available a 58-page PDF eBook Manual for basketball coaches on how to teach what he teaches, step by step.  It's being offered at a special $75 price at this time.  Besides giving you the tools you need to start to make a big difference in shooting with your players, it is the first step in an International Certification program of some kind.  See the "Coaching" page and click on "You can become a Swish Shooting Coach!"
NEW:  Read Tom Nordland's Shooting Blog


Read what people are saying after watching the Swish/Swish 2 videos!

See these clips of kids shooting "lights out," not just the coach!

• Tom's coaching instruction goes to the Heart of Shooting.

The Swish Method: Three highly-acclaimed videos!
Swish 1
Tom's first video, "Swish 1," is a classic at 51 minutes and still very inspiring.
Swish 2
His extraordinary second video, "Swish 2," is two hours long and completes the Method, including step by-step instructions how to learn and/or coach the skill of shooting.

Swish 3
Tom's third video is about the Free Throw, with some serious innovations! 
It's 88 minutes long and shows how to learn and coach Free Throw shooting differently (and more powerfully) from any other method.  New discoveries in this video spill over to Jump Shots and 3's.

Comparison of the three Swish videos
Read this Comparison of the three videos and our recommendation, then make your decision.

Swish retails for $29.95,* Swish 2 and Swish 3 are both $34.95.*
Combination "Packages" include discounts!
• His method reveals how the few great shooters in the game shoot.
• "Anyone can learn to do what they do... and develop an excellent shot," says Tom.
• Considered one of Minnesota's all-time great high school basketball shooters, Tom has
perfected the coaching of the skill and art of shooting.
• He now coaches at all levels of the game.
• Read his articles on shooting in his "Swish Release" Shooting Newsletter.
    Tom is switching to a Blogging format and will alert all subscribers when his blogs are in full swing.
• Read articles about his coaching!
• Tom is now available to help you understand and master basketball shooting!
• Read the remarkable testimonials we are getting for the Swish videos and Tom's coaching!
Read my interview by the author of a powerful book, "Conversations with Great Teachers"

"Bill Smoot had called and asked if he could interview me for a book he was writing. So we met at a Starbucks in San Jose for over an hour in August, ’07. I later forgot about it. Suddenly this spring ('10), a wonderful book appears in our mail box!

"It's possible to read a portion (about 3 pages) of any of the 51 interviews. My interview is about two-thirds there.  
"Click on 'Search inside this book' (above link/
"Then search for 'Tom Nordland.' Then click on 'Page 133' link to see some of the interview with me.
"I strongly recommend this wonderful book!  Get it on Amazon for around $21, a discount of $4."  If you want to see the whole interview, click here:  "Conversations"


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